Youtube Videos Go Down; Netizens React With Memes

Posted at: 2020-11-12  |   Yeti Yap

Video sharing platform, Youtube has run into some technical issues which has left users unable to watch videos on the website. 


While the website as a whole is working, users are exclusively facing issues when playing videos, as they can only see a spinning wheel on loop or a message saying:


"an error occurred. Please try again later."


Since it's a very rare sight to see Youtube being down, many thought it was a problem with their Internet connection . However, Youtube soon took to twitter to confirm that it was a problem at their end.




#YoutubeDOWN started trending on twitter after the tweet. Social media however, reacted in their typical manner, yes you guessed it...with MEMES! 


Here are some of the best memes: 






Well, youtube videos are  back up after the issues have been solved. Youtube took about an hour to bring back the balance in the realm of social media users. 




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