Yatri Motorcycles Unveils Its Bikes; Here Are The Specs, Prices And Debates

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | Apr 25, 2021


The wait for Nepali bike afficionados is finally over. After years of immense hype-up, Yatri Motorcycles has finally unveiled two highly ambitious products for preorder — the café racer-styled Project Zero (P-0), and the light-weight Project One (P-1).



The P-0 is a bulky electric beast fashioned in the likeness of a cafe racer. The cafe racer foundation combines with a modern finishing to gives the bike a futuristic look. The price for the P-0 is set at Rs 19,45,000. Even more impressive than the ostentatious looks are its powerful specs.






Meanwhile, the P-1 follows a 'silently bold' philosophy. Weighing a mere 110 KG, the P-1 promises optimum comfort while plying the Nepali roads.



But are the specs and designs enough to satisfy the expectations of the Nepali market? Well, response from netizens has been quite divided to say the least.



















Well, seems like our netizens have some strong opinions about the Yatri bikes. Make your opinion heard in the comment section below and follow us for more of such updates. 


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