Only A True Bullet Raja Will Score 10/10 On This Royal Enfield Quiz

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 9, 2021

The unrivaled king of the streets! Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand that still makes two-wheelers. It’s existence has technically spanned three centuries. And to this day, it continues to build machines as in the olden days, having lost none of its charm. 


In fact, its fandom and appreciation has only grown in recent years, with the introduction of new market entries like the Himalayan and the 650 twins. All of that, without losing the old-school magic. 


So, this one’s for the true Bullet Raja’s who adore the mighty rumble of the Royal Enfield with all their heart.

1. When did Royal Enfield start producing motorcycles?


2. Which corporation currently owns the RE brand?

TATA Motors
Eicher Motors
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Ashok Leyland

3. And who is the official distributor of Royal Enfield for Nepal?

Hansraj Hulaschand & Co
Golchha Group
Shankar Group
Dugar Brothers & Sons

4. Royal Enfield was a failing brand for many years. But one man single-handedly revived the brand to its level of popularity today. Who is he?

Vinod K Dasari
Siddharth Lal
Vipin Sondhi
Anish Shah

5. Which performance parts company did Royal Enfield acquire in 2015?

Hurst Performance
Jack Knight Motorsport
Mountune Racing
Harris Performance Products

6. RE has turned up its RnD game recently, producing exciting new models. What type of bike are they currently rumored to be testing?

An all-new V-Twin model
A 650 cc cruiser
A 350 cc scrambler
A 500 cc adventure bike

7. The model above is not the only one that Enfield is developing. With that in mind, select the odd one out.


8. Royal Enfield produced its biggest motorcycle all the way back in 1938. It featured a 1140 cc v-twin engine. What was it called?

The Redberry
Model J
Model KX
The Olympic

9. RE also maintains the longest-running production motorcycle of all time. What is that model?


10. Royal Enfield owners are also quite fond of adding modifications on their steed — for varied purposes. So, find the odd mod out from below.

Spring washers
Steering damper
Bar-end weights
Alloy wheels


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