Microsoft Patent to Turn Dead People into AI Bots; Netizens Explode with Black Mirror Comparisons

Posted at: 2021-01-25  |   Rajiv Prajapati

The iconic 80’s sci-fi film ‘Back to the Future II’ imagined the year 2015 to be a world of flying cars and real hover technology. Well, we are in 2021 and flying cars seem a dim possibility yet.


That is not to say that tech giants aren’t doing their research to make our tech fantasies a reality. The latest patent filed by Microsoft introduces the world to a technology that is as bizarre as our craziest sci-fi fantasies.


How would you like the idea of recreating a deceased loved one using AI?


No, really. Microsoft has filed a patent that may allow us to chat with digital 3D versions of our loved ones. The technology would use data related to the person like their photos, voice recordings, messages, and social media posts to automatically create their 3D likeness. 


The patent has already garnered comparisons to the dystopian sci-fi series ‘Black Mirror’. The comparison is a bit too fitting, and scarily so. The Black Mirror episode ‘Be Right Back’ shows a character use a similar technology to reconnect with her loved one after a car accident. 



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