HACKED: North Korean Hackers’ Failed Attempt to Steal $1.3B in Cryptocurrency Gets Attention from US Authorities

Posted at: 2021-02-19  |   Ashu Sharma

Three North Korean hackers charged with cryptocurrency theft after attempting to steal a whopping $1.3B in cryptocurrency.



While the hackers’ attempt was thwarted mid-way, they did manage to steal $112M out of which $11.8M came from an unspecified New York company. 


The authorities believe that the North Korean hackers were stealing money for their country as it is currently struggling financially. According to the New York Times, these hackers are a part of a military intelligence group called Reconnaissance General Bureau whose main job is to carry out secret operations for the country. 


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US Secret Service Assistant Director Michael R. D’Ambrosio told the press


“The individuals indicted today committed a truly unprecedented range of financial and cyber-crimes: from ransomware attacks and phishing campaigns, to digital bank heists and sophisticated money laundering operations.”


These hackers have been suspected for other crimes related to cyber security such as the Sony Pictures hack, Britain’s National Health Service hack and the WannaCry Malware attack which led to a loss of billions of dollars.


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