Hourlong Internet Outage Creates Outrage; Frustrated Public Reaches WorldLink Office

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Jun 24, 2021


Lately, we find ourselves more and more depended upon the internet. Afterall, the pandemic has transferred everything online — business, job, school even romantic dates. At a time like this, even an hour of internet outage is enough to disrupt many aspects of our lives, and trigger a public outrage.


That’s what happened to WorldLink users yesterday after a technical issue disrupted internet connection all over the valley.



Netizens are famously annoying at WorldLink for being unable to provide a speedy and stable internet connection. Things got worse when Chaudhary Group launched CG Net with a tempting offer — 120 Mbps at Rs 999 per month. Instantly, WorldLink users who had recently renewed their subscriptions were filled with regrets.



Yesterday, when a technical issue in WorldLink's main internet router caused an hourlong internet outage, the suppressed anger finally erupted. To make matters worse, the ISP failed to answer the desperate calls made by their clients.



And so, the enraged public marched their way to WorldLink office, demanding answers and even refunds. Frustrated parents shared that the ISP’s unreliable internet connection was taking a toll on their children’s studies.



Meanwhile, others managed to vent out their frustrations via angry tweets directed at WorldLink.












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