WATCH: Rabid Bobcat Attacks Man’s Wife At Front Door

Posted at: 2021-04-18  |   Rajiv Prajapati

Modern-day humans enjoy some unique luxuries when compared with our ancestors.  Not having to worry about blood-thirsty predators lurking around the corner is perhaps a big one that we often overlook. 


A viral video from New Carolina is making netizens rethink this luxury. The video shows a middle-aged couple face a wild attack from a bobcat right at their front door.




The video is a wild 46-second ride that gets more and more bizarre each next time you watch it. At the beginning, you can clearly hear the husband shout a cheery “Good morning!” to his neighbour, and loudly tell himself that he needs to wash his car. 


As he is opening the car door, his wife appear at the other side of the car with a pet carrier in hand. With barely any warning at all, the woman suddenly starts screaming at the top of her lungs and scrambles away, trying to escape an unseen danger. 


As it turns out, the bobcat was hiding underneath the car, and seemed to be triggered by the pet carrier. 


The husband immediately goes around the car, momentarily out of view, then comes out carrying the predator in his hands, all the while screaming — “Oh my god, it’s a bobcat!” Shocked, he literally throws the animal across his lawn. The nimble creature us unfazed, however, and immediately chases after the wife.




 At this point, the man whips out a gun from under his belt, and chases after the bobcat, shouting — “I’mma kill that f*cker!” 


According to WECT 6 News, the bobcat was later killed by law enforcement, but not before getting shot at by the husband, who was identified as Happy Wade. The animal was also found to be tested positive for rabies.


Both Happy and his wife, Kristi, have received over 30 shots of rabies each. 


It was indeed a wild 46 seconds for Happy and Kristi, as they were attacked by a predator right at their front door. The cheery “Good morning!” that started off the video makes for a bizarre contrast to the way things ended up, just a minute later.





Meanwhile, Caitlin Flanagan summed up the strange charm of this video in her tweet:



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