TRIGGER WARNING: Delhi Woman Stabbed Over 40 Times; Her Crime? Choosing Her Career!

Posted at: 2021-04-12  |   Nischal Niraula


In a horrific incident that shook Delhi, a 26-year-old woman was publicly stabbed to death by her estranged husband on Saturday. Even more disturbing is the fact that the event took place in broad daylight in presence of the public.


The victim, identified as Neelu, is reported to have been stabbed over 40 times. The disturbing event was captured by a CCTV camera located nearby and a random passerby.


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In the chilling footage that went viral over the social media, Harish, the husband, can be seen repeatedly stabbing his wife while threatening passerby, pointing his knife at them.


So, what exactly did Neelu do to be slaughtered in the streets by a man she once called her husband? Neelu used to work in a government hospital. After getting married, Harish wanted her to quit her job and retire to being a housewife.



But Neelu refused to confine herself to the traditionally sexist role and continued to work. This, combined with the suspicion of infidelity brewing in Harish’s mind led him to stab his wife to death in a blind rage.


See, this is what rigidly defined gender roles do. Some men just can’t stomach the thought of their wives going out, doing work and earning money. In their minds, it’s men who earn, and women who set the table. If something — wives going to work — threatens to disrupt this status quo, the fragile masculine ego shatters. And as you’ve seen in the video, the anger erupts in the most barbaric way possible.

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