Traffic Cop Gets Into Heated Argument Over Man Recording Their Encounter

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 3 mins Aug 17, 2021

Prahari Meri Sathi. Back in 2016, Nepal Police launched a nationwide PR campaign by this name to uplift its image among the public. In the years since, these very words have become the most popular piece of satire against Nepal Police in popular culture. 


The irony of the fact is almost astounding. But more than that, the situation points way towards a graver concern. 


The issue is far from black and white, as our police personnel toil day and night on every task imaginable at an inferior pay. But every so often, our sathis draw crisp lines by their own atrocious actions. A new video making the rounds on social media has done just that with yet another instance of police misbehavior. 



The video is quite short and gives a short snippet of an argument that seems already underway. The traffic police officer being recorded had apparently decided to detain some vehicles over a minor infraction, rather than charge a fine and be done with the affair — as is standard procedure.  


While the details themselves are hazy, one can easily see the reason netizens are fired up about the case. It is clear from the very beginning that the police officer has taken offense to the way he is being spoken to. In response, he has given up all attempts to resolve the situation and refuses to talk about the actual agenda.


“Video garnu chha bhane gara, kei farak pardaina!”



It seems to be a recurring theme in these police altercations that police personnel do not enjoy being filmed. Is it because they are afraid of having their actions exposed? It seems more likely that they find it demeaning to be filmed in this manner, and forget for a moment that they’re not private individuals but government agents. 


“Tah bhanchu ma!”


In the middle of this, the officer makes a quip addressing the videographer as “tah”. When called out on the topic of giving basic respect to common citizens, the officer loses all sense and begins screaming at the top of his lungs. 


“Tah bhanchu ma!” “Naam herr naam!” “Video record garr!” 


These are just some of the words the officer can be seen screaming in his incoherent rant. Later in the video, the videographer himself seems to lose his temper and begins to address the officer with this pronoun. 


It seems that the police officer became angry enough to put his hands on one of these people. In a second video clip, the situation has escalated enough to cause a crowd to gather. Meanwhile, a number of people are screaming extremely violently, asking for an apology from the officer. 



Based on the comments, it appears that the officer did end up apologizing in a later meeting at the local police station. But the video really brings attention to a lot of things — there really is no ideal social function at play here.


Firstly, the entire incident seems to have started with the police officer’s unreasonable actions while on duty. Then came his infantile tantrum that got him in hot water with the local citizens.


On the flip side, it seems that the people who were directly involved in the altercation were somewhat influential local figures and quickly drummed up a lot of hubbub. And this seems to be a main reason that the officer was held accountable. Neither of these seem to be the right way to go about it. 


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