Woman Causes A Huge Crash At Tour De France And Twitter Is Ripping Her Apart

By: Ashu Sharma  | | 3 mins Jun 28, 2021

The very first day of Tour De France was met with a disaster when a fan accidentaly hit a cyclist with her sign causing a massive crash that has injured many.


On Saturday, the biggest cycling event of the year The Tour De France got underway. While its no surprise that the event drums up massive hype every year, this year fans had one more reason to be excited about. The reason being that specatators could finally watch their favorite racers upcloses without any covid-19 restrictions. However, one fan seems to have been a bit too excite. While trying to get herself on camera, a fan managed to bring down the entire peloton of Tour De France cyclists after accidentaly hitting the leading cyclist with her signboard.   



According to the video, the fan was first spotted on the curb side (for specators) of the race track. Seeing the riders approach, the fan rushed towards the edge of the race track holding a massive sign that read ‘hello grandma and grandpa’ (in German) in an attempt to get on the live telecast. While her attempt seemed to have worked, she also accidentaly managed to strike the leading cyclist Tony Martin with her signboard which made him hit the ground.  What follows is a domino effect of the entire peloton of cyclists who stumbled upon each other. 


The unidentified woman fled the scene immediately after the accident and managed to escape the authorities. According to the Cycling News, one rider was taken to hospital for a possible broken arm while eight others were treated by the race doctors. Riders who were not seriously injured continued the race, but several had to drop out. The injuries sustained range from slight bruises to broken ribs.


Supposedly, the fan was disobeying safety protocols and got too close to the players. Authorities have launched an active investigation into the issue. Speaking to Agence France-Presse,  Pierre-Yves Thouault, Tour De France's deputy director said “We are suing this woman who behaved so badly”. 


Many have dubbed this incident as  the worst Tour De France accindent Twitter is understandably not happy about this either. 


Here are a few reactions: 



Although a few jokes were spotted here and there (are they always are)



While this could have just been considered an unfortunate accident, the fact that the lady chose to flee instead of facing the consequences of her actions is what seems to have people so enraged. What do you think about this? Do you think the internet is being too harsh on her? Or do you think this is well deserved? Tell us in the comments. Like us on Facebook for more such content.


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