Massive Monkey Brawl Brings Traffic To A Halt In Thailand

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Jul 28, 2021

Have you heard of a monkey fight being so intense that it disrupted traffic and had over 100 participants? Well, you’ve heard it now. Shocking bystanders and disrupting traffic, a huge monkey brawl broke out in Lopburi, Thailand this Sunday.


Just like Kathmandu, monkeys are also commonly spotted in the streets of Lopburi. In fact, the province is home to around 2000 monkeys that were well taken care of in the past; but the pandemic has certainly changed things. Previously fed by tourists, the monkeys have had to fend for themselves during this lockdown. While the locals do try to feed them, the sudden change in lifestyle has been hard for the monkeys, it seems.



The fight broke out between two rival monkey gangs in front of Phra Kan Shrine in Lopburi on Sunday. While monkey fights are somewhat common in this area, this is apparently the first time one occurred on a scale this large. The fight was between two rival gangs and had well over 100 participants.


The person who filmed the fight told Thairath that people honking their horns at the monkeys only made them angrier and escalated the situation even more. “As a result of this incident, several monkeys were injured. There was blood on the road surface. And not until the leader of the losing side resigned himself, they did not retreat,” he added.



This monkey brawl has brought the important issue of animals going hungry due to the lockdown to light. Hopefully, the government will not wait for more disturbances like this and start making sure that the monkeys don’t go hungry again. 


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