Rautahat Police Caught Red-Handed Planting Drugs On Journalist’s Motorbike — Whom Do We Trust Now?

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Aug 24, 2021

It’s barely been a week since we last shared a story about a police officer who needlessly lost his temper with random citizens. It is one of our great fears to know of police officers who actively use their position to consciously trap and victimize unsuspecting citizens.


An extremely unlikely tale has turned out in Rautahat, turning our worst fears into reality. These weren’t officers who needlessly harassed citizens, or targeted people unfairly; these cops went out of their way to falsely plant evidence on innocent citizens in order to arrest them. 



Mohammad Mojibullah is a Nepali journalist who was arrested by plainclothes police officers from a restaurant in Gaur, Rautahat a week ago, on August 16. 


He was arrested alongside colleague Shekh Gulab for carrying 105 tablets of nitravet, which is a commonly trafficked pharmacological drug. Thankfully, the local chapter of the Federation of Nepali Journalists carried its own independent investigation of the issue.



What they found was shocking to the highest degree. They discovered CCTV footage which clearly showed two individuals planting the drugs in Mojibullah’s motorcycle while he was having his dinner at the restaurant. 


Investigation has revealed that the drugs were planted on the instruction of Assistant Sub-Inspector Udaya Shankar Yadav and Constable Manoj Sah. There is no information as to why actual law enforcement officers would abuse their power to such an extreme form to entrap one specific individual. 


Were these police officers working on the bidding of some higher power? No information has come out yet.


Spokesperson for the District Police Office, Rautahat has accepted that the journalists were framed. An independent investigation encircling the two locals who planted the drugs, as well as the police officers who ordered the activity has already started.



But Mojibullah and Gulab continue to be held on the charge of drug trafficking. The local chapter of the Federation of Nepali Journalists has demanded the journalists be released immediately, with the threat of progressive action if this demand is not met.


What do you make of this shocking incident? Have you ever heard of such actions by our very own law enforcement officers? Follow us on Facebook and let us know in the comments.


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