Woman Finds Out Her Mother Paid Her Boyfriend To Pursue Her

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 4 minutes Tue, May 18, 2021 6:22 PM

Parents are often heavily involved in their children’s weddings. From paying for the venue and catering to even helping select a wedding dress, they really get their hands dirty in such an event. 



It seems like an innate parental instinct that makes parents obsessed about giving their children the perfect wedding. Here in Nepal, parents often go out and find the right match for their children. This certain mother took it too far and actually BOUGHT someone for her daughter.


A woman has revealed her shocking marriage story about a fiance who was actually paid by her mother to marry her.


This story was revealed when Buzzfeed asked its readers to share stories about the time they called off their weddings. User booklover321 did not hold back as she explained her mother had paid a guy to marry her.


Now what would push a mother to do such a thing?




MAAAYYYYbe her sexuality had something to do with it. 


You see, booklover321 is a bisexual woman. So, she believes that her mother was afraid she would marry another woman instead of a man. So to prevent that from happening, her mother stepped in and paid a guy to marry her daughter instead.




It turns out, she met him through a friend and paid him to go out on our first date (to a five-star restaurant). She paid for all of our dates and, of course, my wedding because she was so desperate for me to get married and he was just in it for the money.


Within just two months of dating, the guy proposed to the girl with an expensive looking ring and they decided to get married. Is it just me or anyone else also getting major Bollywood vibes here?





Seeing that her parents weren't big spenders, she became suspicious when they decided to pay for the entire marriage . When she asked her fiance for a reason why his parents weren’t paying for anything, he simply played the “we’re poor” card. 


But wait, if he’s poor, how was he able to afford such an amazing ring? That’s when the woman’s suspicion started to flare up and she did some digging of her own.




After some investigation, she managed to find the store from where he purchased the engagement ring. She walked in and asked the shop assistant if he remembered selling her engagement ring.


As luck would have it, the shopkeeper did remember ring as it was “one of a kind”. After further questioning him, she found out that it wasn’t her “poor” fiance who purchased the ring, but it was her MOTHER instead.




Don’t put that popcorn away, ‘cus there’s more. Turns out, the mother had bought the ring ONE MONTH BEFORE her daughter even started dating the man. For her to confidently buy an engagement ring for her daughter before she was even dating someone meant only one thing. The mother knew for a fact that she would not only find a guy, but also get married to him. That’s when the daughter started connecting the dots.




The truth finally came out when she confronted her parents and they confessed to it. 


Currently the woman has a female partner and she doesn’t speak with her mother anymore.




What’s the craziest thing your parents have done for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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