A Subway In NYC Was Flooded Due To Heavy Rain And It's Giving Some Serious Nepal Vibes

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Jul 11, 2021

If there’s one skill every Nepali has mastered, it’s performing all kinds of gymnastics to navigate puddles and potholes during monsoon. Navigating filthy roads while cursing the government is one of the most Nepali things one can experience. So it's somewhat bizarre to see people living in a first world country like America also facing the same issue.



This video of a flooded NYC subway went viral last week and Twitter was horrified, to say the least. The video was taken at the No. 1 station on West 157th Street in upper Manhattan and shows people walking through the waist-high water into the completely flooded path to catch their trains. Some were even seen wearing trash bags to ‘protect’ themselves from the filthy sewage water. Here are some Twitter reactions:



Although all jokes aside, the situation actually was pretty terrible for subway riders.



The Nepali in us does want to say ‘pffft amateurs’ but we really do hope no one actually got sick from coming into contact with that filthy floodwater. Although we also can't help but wonder how Americans would react in this situation:



We hope it never comes to this for their sake! What was your reaction to the subway flood video? Tell us in the comments.


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