1500 Nepalis Stranded In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover; Manpower Association Claims 15 Thousand Remain Trapped

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Aug 18, 2021

As the Taliban gradually settles into Afghanistan's ruling seat at Kabul, the world is slowly getting over the shock that initially came with the bloodless takeover. Heart-rending images of Talibanis trying to escape amidst fears of extreme oppression have left the entire world speechless. 



Governments around the world are scrambling to get their people home. According to the Nepal Government, there are around 1500 Nepalis working in Afghanistan, mostly as security staff in the various embassies. The Manpower Association of Kathmandu has directly contradicted the government statements and claimed that there are 15,000 Nepalis in Afghanistan at the moment. 



It seems around 205 Nepalis have been rescued until this morning. Yesterday, 118 Nepalis got home through Kuwait. A US Air Force flight evacuated 385 Nepalis to Doha, and 87 Nepalis working at the British embassy were evacuated by the British government. 


The situation for the remaining Nepalis in Afghanistan is still unclear. 


Our government has simply refuted this claim. With proper evacuation channels still unclear for the remaining Nepalis, what is to happen of any uncounted Nepalis toiling in the Taliban-occupied soil? The answer remains unclear. 


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