Mysterious Monolith Suddenly Vanishes; Netizens Blame The Aliens

By: Nischal Niraula  | Nov 29, 2020


Hey! You ever look at things and wonder how they got there?



Well, there's more to that list. Take for instance, a monolith that inexplicably presented itself in the middle of a dessert on November 18. More surprising than its bizarre appearance, however, was its peculiar disappearance. 


The discovery of a strange monolith in the remote dessert of Utah, USA had the local authorities scratching their heads. The shiny silver metallic monolith standing 10 feet tall was spotted by a helicopter crew who were conducting the count of Bighorn Sheep living in the area. While the object in question was rather simple, it's the mysterious origin of the structure that appeared out of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere that has been the hot topic of conversation for a few days now.



Shrouded in mystery, the sudden appearance of the structure has also received some interesting otherworldly theories over the internet. 




Strange as the issue already is, things only got stranger hereon with the sudden disappearance of the monolith on the evening of November 27. The Bureau of Land Management, the concerned authority, today, issued a statement on their social media post stating that the mysterious structure was removed, but not by them. Crazy just got a whole lot crazier. 



The vanishing of the monolith was as abrupt as its appearance and this has freaked out a lot of netizens. 






Besides the theories involving aliens, some people have also speculated that the strange structure was placed by some new wave artist, pressumably the late minimalist John McCracken or by a hardcore 2001: A Space Odeyssey fan, since black monoliths make an appearance in the movie.


At any rate, weather it is an extraterrestrial invasion or an artistic expression, the monolith has given the internet an escape from the series of 2020 misfortunes.


What do you make of the monoliths? Is alien invasion the season finale to 2020? Let us know in the comments section.


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