Stray Monkey Visited Its Ailing Human Caretaker — And We Are All Moved To Tears

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 6, 2021

Indians have an amazing culture of living in harmony with their surrounding wildlife. Temples give refuge to magnificent elephants, often in circumstances of great opulence. Local residents do their due diligence by feeding and befriending the roaming troops of monkeys, seeing in them the image of the deity Hanuman.



But, what do these human actions really mean for these lovable brutes? Do these animals learn to love us, adore us, and see us as one of their own? Turns out, the answer is yes. 


A heartwarming video from Jodhpur, India is going viral for showing an unbelievably humane side of a local urban languur monkey. The video was shot in the house of 90-year-old Bhanvri Devi, who regularly fed and took care of this particular Indian chimp.  



Bhanvri Devi had apparently failed to visit her primate friend for a few consecutive days after falling ill. It was a moment of utmost surprise and wonder when the languur actually came to check in on its elderly friend.


The 36-second clip shows the primate sitting right beside Bhanvri Devi, who is lying on her bed. In a strangely humane move, it then proceeds to tightly hug her two times, on both sides. 



The languur then took a few moments watching her solemnly, ran its hand through her hair in a loving gesture, and quickly left through the open window. 


A woman clad in an orange saree can be seen jubilantly watching the entire proceedings in the background, her hands clasped together in a gesture of supplication. This is because languurs are believed to be living forms of the monkey god Hanuman, and often referred to as Hanuman languurs as well.


The short video definitely makes us think twice before dismissing wild animals as mindless. The most striking aspect of this video is how the monkey showcases incredibly complex feelings and decisions through weirdly humane gestures.



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