Man Can't Fly To Space With Jeff Bezos Even After Spending $28 Million, Twitter Reacts

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Jul 16, 2021

What would you be willing to sacrifice to go to space?


Going to space is an impressive feat only a select few have managed to accomplish. Most people dream about it their entire lives, but it is simply not possible for just anyone to go to space simply because they want to. So imagine our surprise at learning that one guy bailed from Bezos’s space trip after already paying $28 million for a seat because he realized he had other plans.



Jeff Bezos’s space trip has been a trending topic for various reasons for a while now. Some people are bashing him for trying to run from his responsibilities as the climate crisis escalates (since Amazon is a major contributor), others are just mildly amused at what one can do when they’re mega-rich. But Bezos was trending on Twitter at #1 the other day because of this mystery bidder’s stunt.


The passengers to this controversial space trip were supposed to be himself, his brother, a pilot, and a  bidder (who chose to remain anonymous) who put up $28 million for a seat. But according to The New York Times the bidder is now backing out citing ‘scheduling conflicts’. This whole situation is already bizarre, but Twitter is losing its mind at what could possibly be more important after already spending a fortune on a space trip. Here are some reactions:



The bidder’s seat will be filled by Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate from the Netherlands. The seat was purchased by his father who is CEO of a major investment firm, making Daemen the youngest person to go to space.


While we all wished we had dads who could just casually buy us space tickets, we’ll just have to wistfully watch as this crew heads off into the abyss. What do you think of this situation? Tell us in the comments. Follow us on Facebook at Yeti Yap for more.


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