Hundreds Joshes Enter, One Josh Leaves. Here's How A Lockdown Joke Blew Up A Year Later

Posted at: 2021-04-26  |   Ashu Sharma

The very first global lockdown last year was a boorish hellscape where we all sought out numerous cures to our boredom. Many people took up productive new hobbies like reading books and learning musical instruments. But most of us spent our lockdown days using Facebook and messaging friends. 


Arizona College kid Josh Swain was no different. But while he was on Facebook, he planned something totally unique — he invited a group of strangers who shared his name to a battle to claim the name of Josh. 



The battle was scheduled for a year later, on April 24, 2021. Over the course of a year, the joke developed into one of those rare instances where a meme plays out in real life. 


A screenshot of the original message gained popularity and went viral on various social media platforms. Seeing how this was blowing up all over the internet, Josh Swain took the battle seriously and gave the details on a Reddit post where he mentioned that the battle will be done with swimming noodles and will be for charity.


The post further mentioned that this would be a non-violent event and would be live-streamed as well.


Despite the apparent online popularity of the ‘Battle of the Joshes’, the 22-year-old college student was still skeptical about the turnout. In the end, hundreds of people arrived at Air Park in Lincoln City, Nebraska, USA, ready for battle. 




Many of the Joshes were cosplaying as popular cinema characters like Spiderman and Obi-Wan Kenobi while hitting one another with foam sticks.



Like all battles, there could only be one winner and this battle was no different. Four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr. was crowned victorious and according to his father, this victory meant a lot to him as Josh Vinson Jr. was hospitalized after suffering from seizures when he was just 2 years old. 


Along with Josh Vinson Jr, the Food Bank of Lincoln and the Children's Hospital and Medical Center Foundation won big with 200 - 300 pounds of food being donated and more than $10,000 being raised respectively. 




All in all, the event was extremely successful with people suggesting this become an annual thing. At the end, Josh Swain thanked everyone for participating and the city of Lincoln for allowing them to host this amazing event.


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