Man Comes Out As Gay At 73, His Neighbor’s Sweet Gesture Goes Viral

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Thu, Jun 3, 2021 1:29 PM

In the light of pride month, many stories of LGBTQ+ individuals coming out to their friends and family have been making rounds on the internet. Although not everyone’s families are supportive, such is the case for this one man who came out at the age of 73.


However, despite not being supported by his family, his neighbor did something very sweet to let him know wasn't alone.


The video originally posted back in March by @fitxander on Tik Tok, was recently shared on Instagram by the account @nextdoor with a caption, “Love and support always win.”


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A post shared by Nextdoor (@nextdoor)


The video was met with overwhelming positivity and love. It shows a man (the poster’s father) putting up pride flags in his yard to show support for his newly out elderly neighbor. The caption states that his family did not support his decision to come out.


The comments are all positive with one reading ‘To be fully seen and accepted by yourself is such a beautiful place to be. Love yourself and others will follow. Family who loves you just as you are isn’t always blood related. People who are heart related is what really matters.🙌❤️’


We hope he was eventually accepted by his family and can live the rest of his life as his authentic self. A very happy pride month from us to all those who celebrate!


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