China Unveils LEVITATING Train; The World’s Fastest Ground Vehicle

By: Bishesh Dhaubhadel  | | 2 Minutes Jul 21, 2021

We’ve all heard about bullet trains that reach 400+ km/hr but China has taken it one step further by revealing a train capable of reaching higher speeds, all while LEVITATING!


Looks like the future is closer than we thought.


On Tuesday, China publicly debuted a Maglev train, in the city of Qingdao, capable of reaching a top speed of 600 km/hr, qualifying it to be the fastest ground vehicle on the planet.



Image Credit: Nikkie Asia


Maglev trains are a form of transportation that use magnetic repulsion to make trains glide on the track, without any physical contact. (Get it? Magnetic Levitation.. Mag-Lev.)


According to Beijing State media, China’s newest maglev train covers a journey of more than a 1000 kilometers faster than a plane does.


China has been developing them for almost two decades since the first Shanghai maglev train in 2001, but the implementation has been on a small scale.


As of now, there are only four maglev lines in China; The S1 line from Beijing Station, the Changsha Maglev Express, the Shanghai maglev train, and the newest one in Qingdao.


Countries like Japan and Germany are also looking to adopt maglev trains as their standard transportation network, but since the technology is fairly new and incompatible with standard rails, it’ll be a while before we see them on a large scale.


But even the few that we’ve seen look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie!


Since maglev trains have the potential for being faster, safer, and more energy efficient than conventional transportation systems, it is definitely something to look forward to!


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