Man Calmly Continues Eating Chicken Wings Despite Being Held At Gun Point During A Robbery

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Jun 29, 2021


Deep inside, we all know staying calm is always the best course of action. No matter the situation we’re met with, nothing good ever comes out of panicking. But how calm can you really stay when faced with a nightmarish situation in real life — when you’re held at a gun point, for instance.


You might have your doubts but this guy doesn’t. A CCTV footage shows an unidentified diner calmly eating chicken wings while he is getting robbed.



The footage shows a bandit entering an eating establishment holding a pistol. He waves his pistol around to create an atmosphere of terror. But our subject is too engrossed in his chicken wings to show any signs of panic. After the robber points the pistol to his head, our man calmly hands over his phone and continues eating his wings as if nothing had ever happened. In fact, the robber appears to be more nervous than the victim.


Fans of Pulp Fiction might have been reminded of the restaurant robbery scene, half-expecting the man to reveal his wallet with “BAD MOTHERFU***R” written over it.




The video has been shared plenty of times over various social media platforms and netizens can’t help but be amazed at the calm demeanor. One social media user writes:


“This dude is probably an OG who'll make the robber dig his own grave after he's done with his wings.”


Another user comments:


“If I were to rob someone and he just stood perfectly calm and followed my commands while eating his food, I would prob be scared of him.”


But this isn’t the first time where people remained cool as a cucumber despite being caught amidst a robbery. In another instance, in 2019, two men enter a bar armed with what appears to be sub-automatic guns. Instantly, everyone gets down on the ground and starts following orders given by the robbers, except for one man. Tony Tovar just stays there, sips his beer and lights up a cigarette.



While everyone else handed over their wallets and phones, Tovar refused to get robbed. In fact, when the robbers asked for his wallet, Tovar replied:


“I have $2 and that is for my next beer.”


But that’s not all. While the robbers were behind the bar, looking for cash, Tovar asked them to fetch a beer.


“I actually told him ‘As long as you are back there, why don't you get me a beer?’ He said, 'No! Get your own beer!'" 



Since then, he has been dubbed World’s Chillest Man. Despite his own actions, however, Tovar recommends complying with the robbers to remain on the safe side. After all, not everyone can be as chill as the World’s Chillest Man.


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