After #CancelNEBExams, #CancelTUExams Trends On Twitter — Videos Show Crowded Exam Centers

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Aug 9, 2021

Yesterday, Twitter was swarmed with more than 77,000 tweets featuring the hashtag #CancelTUExams. After a lot of pressure from students, NEB finally agreed to cancel in-person Plus Two examinations in the face of the third wave of coronavirus.


But Tribhuvan University is still preparing for a full slate of in-person examinations for numerous different programs. Some exams had already started, and video evidence produced by students showed how the exam centers were openly flaunting Covid guidelines by the Health Ministry. 


The TU exams affect more students directly than the Plus Two exams, since the examinations are being conducted for multiple different levels. So, let’s take a look at the discussions that have been raised on this topic. 


Let’s just start with a few videos that show just how crowded the exam centers actually are. 




Clearly, the situation is dire. The overwhelming majority of tweets were focused on simply underlining the mortal risk as strongly as possible. 






Still, a few netizens couldn’t help but cope with the situation through humor. After all, we have seen in the last couple of years, it only seems like the natural response. 





As the oldest university of the country, TU should be setting an example by offering new options for students to give their exams safely — as other universities have done. But TU as a whole appears to be quite obstinate and unwilling to listen to suggestions.


By now, TU has formally announced that until there is some government intervention, it will be conducting all scheduled exams as scheduled. 


But it is still planning to conduct in-person exams for a huge number of programs. 



What is TU trying to achieve by forcing students to appear for in-person exams? Is TU willing to take the responsibility for the lives of thousands of students? 


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