Balenciaga Is Selling This Plain Jhola At An Outrageous Price Of Over Rs. 2 Lakhs, And The Internet Is Roasting Them For It

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Aug 29, 2021

The luxury brand Balenciaga is no stranger to charging outrageous prices for ridiculous items; remember these abominations they tried to sell for $1290?



Usually it’s some weird ‘high fashion’ item they’re selling that we just shake our heads at and move on. However this time they’re taking it too far, they’re really claiming this plain jhola which is available at Ratnapark for Rs. 150 is worth over 2 lakhs.  


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This bag was brought to collective attention by an Instagram user who shared this image, and we can see it priced at a whopping $2090. The comment section was full of jokes, as expected.




Twitter joined in on the fun too.




It turns out that these bags are popular in Ghana too, so Ghanans were also showing it no mercy. 





The website reveals that these Barbes East-West Shopper Bags are made with 100% calfskin leather and manufactured in Italy so that justifies the price to some extent, but we still can’t over that design. Did they really have to make it look like that one cheap plastic bag every Nepali household owns?


This comes not long after Sabyasachi tried to sell these plain-looking sarees at Rs. 10,000, remember that one?


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It seems like the standards for 'high fashion' are pretty low these days, but at least we can always count on the internet to make fun of it. Comment what you think about this down below. Follow us on Facebook at Yeti Yap for more.

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