A Chinese Woman Was Harassed By Her Boss; She Attacked Him With A Mop

Posted at: 2021-04-19  |   Rajiv Prajapati

There is nothing the internet enjoys more than seeing justice getting served. Compilations of quick karma videos go viral over the internet on a daily basis, and are enjoyed by millions of netizens all over the world. 


Perhaps because of this very reason, a video of a Chinese woman standing up to her harasser is quickly going viral — even making its way to international news platforms like The New York Times


The video, which came from a government poverty agency in Beilin, shows a Chinese government worker Zhou attacking her boss with a literal mop.



The video was first uploaded on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo before spreading to other platforms and gaining thousands of viewers.


In this viral video, Zhou’s boss, Wang, is seated and covering his face for the majority of the time as she throws books at him after which she proceeds to strike him with a mop. According to her, Wang allegedly had sent three inappropriate texts to Zhou prior to this confrontation. 


Wang can also be heard saying that the messages were meant as a joke. However, in typical fashion, he was found to have life ''discipline problems'' by an internal investigation. Business Insider also reported that he had been giving ''unwanted attention'' to other women co-workers. 


He has since been fired for his inappropriate actions.


Amidst the widespread culture of sexual harassment against women, it is certainly refreshing to see a woman stand up against her harasser in spectactular fashion. Check out the full video here:



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