Nepali Netizens Call Out British Tabloid Daily Mail For Misleading 'Nepali Strain' Article

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Thu, Jun 3, 2021 6:28 PM


As of today, more than 7,500 Nepalis have lost their lives to the pandemic. Over the last week, on average, 4 Nepalis have been dying of Covid-19 every hour — that’s 4 families destroyed, 4 friend circles devastated, and countless tears shed every hour. While our little corner of the world is going through this nightmarish reality, British tabloid paper, Daily Mail has very different concerns.



Viewed from the inside of their safe, entitled bubble of privilege, Daily Mail failed to see all the death and chaos that’s bleeding our nation. All they saw was a hurdle to their vacation, a tiny inconvenience, a killjoy at best.  



Apart from the painfully tone deaf headline, the news piece also made claims about the supposedly new ‘Nepali variant’ of the coronavirus.


“Scientists have alerted ministers to the mutant strain – thought to have originated in Nepal – which has apparently spread to Europe. They fear the strain is resistant to vaccines.”


WHO, however, was quick to refute this claim on Twitter.



Meanwhile, netizens from around the world didn’t hold back from calling out Daily Mail on their problematic and unfounded reporting of the news.













Not only does such careless reporting attack the sentiments of people going through a crisis, it also attacks the very integrity of journalism. It weakens the trust amongst the general public. What's your take on the matter? Should Daily Mail apologize to Nepal? Follow Yeti Yap and voice your opinions in the comments section. 


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