11 Weirdest WikiHow Tutorials That Will Leave You Absolutely Baffled!

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jun 19, 2021

WikiHow was one of the earliest experiences we had with the internet. This hoary website was a valuable resource in the old days, when learning resources on the internet were quite scarce. 


You could look up something as mundane as making coffee and as complicated as making new friends. WikiHow doesn’t really differentiate, nor does it judge you for your choices. If you dare to look, WikiHow has a tutorial on every human curiosity or trouble that exists under the sun. 


So, here are 11 weirdest WikiHow tutorials that will leave you absolutely baffled. 


How To Fake Laugh


According to WikiHow, learning how to fake laughter is an essential skill that can help you “impress your boss” and “show moral support”, among others. 


This article really goes into the nitty-gritty of fake laughing with some amazing tips such as “lose control of yourself”, “add breaths to your guffaws”, and “laugh according to your gender”.



How To Stop Laughing at Inappropriate Times


We humans don’t just need to know how to fake laughter — we should be highly skilled in how to suppress laughter at inappropriate times as well. WikiHow knows this quite well, and has supplied a tutorial to control our laughter as well.



How To Act Like You Didn’t Fart


WikiHow really has a firm grasp on all the complexities of being a human. You will never find anyone else talking about how to fart like a ninja. However, at WikiHow, you get a tutorial to do just that. 


Here’s a key tip from this tutorial - “If the fart is too loud or smells too bad to realistically ignore, you may have to orchestrate an escape plan.”



How To Hold In Your Poop In Embarrassing Situations


WikiHow saves the day once again with another detailed tutorial on navigating a stinky situation. Key tip? “Tense your butt cheeks as much as you can.” 


How To Spit


Spitting is a common physiological phenomenon. But, a lot of complicated physical actions go into it. Not to forget, it also involves a lot of complex social meanings. So, WikiHow has a tutorial on how and when to spit.


The key technique seems to be to “arch your neck backward and snap forward”. You should also remember to “spit at someone’s feet to communicate insult”.



How To Apologize To A Cat


Because WikiHow knows the importance of maintaining a civil relationship with your pet cat.



How to Make Ice Cubes with an Ice Tray


This article would make sense if it explained how we can make ice WITHOUT an ice tray. To be fair, they have a tutorial on that too. So, the target audience of this tutorial is slightly suspect. Our guess is aliens. 



How to Accept That Your Computer Is Slow


Here’s a computer crossover of computer science and self-love that nobody asked for.



How To Act Like You’re Possessed


This article claims to be a prank tutorial. However, it is somewhat unnerving that the article contains 23 discrete points organized into 3 different sections. 


It also takes itself so seriously that one of the tips is to “practice yoga, strength and flexibility training” to accomplish “contorted looking positions”.



How to Seduce Your Professor


WikiHow truly can teach you anything — even seducing your college professor! What’s even more surprising is that this tutorial is full of dangerously sensible advice such as “figure out your teacher’s marital status” and “make a move at the end of the semester”. 



How to Rick Roll Someone


WikiHow has something for the dedicated internet prankster as well. This article will initiate you into the most respected of internet traditions by offering you a plethora of techniques to successfully rickroll someone.



So, these are some strange WikiHow articles that are floating around out there in the WikiHow omniverse. Who were those articles written for? Do they even write these articles seriously? Is WikiHow actually a resource book for interstellar tourists visiting the earth? What do you think?


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