Here Are 16 Weirdest Items That Alibaba Has Sold

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 21, 2021

Ah… Alibaba. It’s the e-commerce titan that Amazon merely aspires to be. A monstrous conglomerate of all the human needs of people from around the globe. Alibaba retains products that fulfill the needs of states, millionaires, and the strangest idiosyncrasies.


Today, let’s take a look at 15 of the weirdest things found on the Alibaba store. Enter at your own risk.


Walking On Water Shoes



Let’s start off with something nice and easy. Much like WikiHow, Alibaba is privy to the idlest human fancies, and has a solution for it all. Walking on water shoes sounds like something that might genuinely work and give you a fun day at the pool. 


Hair Of A Real Virgin



Immediately afterward, Alibaba turns you onto a product probably marketed towards African voodoo practitioners. Well, that’s Alibaba for you!


A Real Luxury Airbus



As stated, Alibaba is the ultimate universal e-commerce store. It has something for everyone. You can buy literal planes on Alibaba. As of mid-July, 2021, this is a live shop item that will apparently take 30 days to deliver. And yes, that Airbus is set at a price of NRS 5.97 billion. 


Cockroach Plushies



Somewhere out in the world, there is someone who takes comfort at the idea of cockroaches. This product is built for that special someone. There is no earthly reason for this product to exist otherwise.





This piece of specialized machinery is apparently a sonic therapy for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Simply point the stick at your bum and let the machine ring. 


A Best-Selling Product Named By A Master Marketer



Modal Mature Erotic Girls Underwear Wholesale Ladies Hot Women Sexy Lingerie sounds like the PERFECT name for a superhero team that does porn on the side.


Salty Soy-Flavored Cola That Is Also Bear-Infested



This is reverse psychology at its finest. How could you not buy it now?


Trump And Putin-Faced Underwear



There is someone who is looking specifically for underwear printed with the faces of Trump or Putin, and right on the crotch. Yes, this product makes total sense.


An Essential Kitchen Tool



For when you need to fry an egg in the shape of a sperm <3


Custom Maggot Alien Thing





Toilet LED Lamp With Motion Sensor



Finally, something we can get behind. Using one of these will feel like you’re peeing into Narnia. 


Shady Contraceptives



Yes! Alibaba sells condoms. No, you don’t want to buy them.  


Howling Peepee Underwear



For the ULTIMATE proof that you are the one true Alpha. *howls*


Minion Bikini



Suddenly, Guillermo Del Toro. 


N95 Bags



The height of Covid fashion, the next Prabal Gurung is hiding on Alibaba. 


Well, these are some of the weirdest items that have been found to be hiding among the Alibaba listings. Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, come find us on Facebook and let us know your weirdest experience ever with online shopping!


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