10 Types Of People We All Know During Lockdown

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 4 mins Mon, May 17, 2021 4:44 PM

As the state of the country shows no signs of improvement and lockdown doesn’t seem like its ending anytime soon, we’ve all had to come up with creative ways to keep us occupied. It’s not an ideal situation, but we all have had to cope in our own ways and spend time accordingly.


So, here are some distinct types of people we all know or have turned into, during this lockdown.


The Productive One


This person uses their free time to the fullest extent. Maybe even learn a new skill while they’re at it. It’s really annoying to call them to rant about how boring things are and hear ‘ho ra? Maile ta duita books padhera sakkaisake’. Like read the room dude, jeez.




The One That Lives In A Fish Market, Apparently


This type of person is really hard not to feel sorry for. These people can’t join online classes or work meetings without their moms vacuuming and their siblings screaming in the background. They usually use the chatbox to communicate instead of the mic.




The Masterchef


This person is always cooking or baking all the time. These are the only types of people who have the energy to make momo every week because the rest of us could never.




The Fitness Freak


Gyms being closed don’t bother these people because they have home a workout routine ready. Watching their Instagram stories is not advised if you want to feel good about yourself.




The Cinderella


This person’s mom realized at some point that she now has a free live-in maid, and now makes them to the entire housework. It’s a humbling experience to call them and hear ‘ahile call back garchu la, bhada majhdai chu’ when you’re just chilling.




The Tik Toker


This person has acquired a small audience on Tik Tok, and now treats it like a full time job. They usually send you their Tik Toks and ask ‘oi ramro chaina ho yo? dherai likes ayena ta yesma’.

Well, at least they’re doing what they love.




The One Having An Existential Crisis


We can all relate to the sense of loneliness and hopelessness after being locked up in our houses for a year, but this person takes it up a notch. Every conversation with them ends up about how they’re wasting away their youth and how everything sucks. The worst part is that this person’s energy is usually contagious, so now you too, will be thinking about how you’re wasting your youth away.  




The Introvert That’s Had Enough


These are the people who were thoroughly enjoying lockdown last year, but now are singing a different tune. Their introvert battery has run out and now they’re wistfully reflecting on all the plans they canceled just to stay home. Staying at home for a year is fine but staying at home for a year with other people? That’s where they draw the line.




The Cinephile


This person has consumed every single piece of media on Netflix during the lockdown and is on the hunt for more. If you want someone to talk to about new releases, this guy’s always got you.




The Romantics


These are the ones that have struck up an unlikely romance during quarantine and now are in a long-distance relationship with someone that lives 15 minutes away. If this person happens to be your friend then we really do feel sorry for you, because ALL they talk about is their new bf/gf.


Well, good for them at least.




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