7 Weird, Sexual Teej Songs That Will Make You Go WTF

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Sep 10, 2021

Hindu culture has earmarked one day of the year for our women to enjoy themselves as they see fit. The fact is that even this one day women have for themselves is couched in very patriarchal terms, but that is another conversation entirely.


Today, we’d like to talk about a thriving music industry that has grown under the guise of Teej entertainment. Teej songs have a lot of rich history wherein women share their deepest woes that have stayed hidden throughout the year. But musical producers these days adopt all kinds of spicy subject matter to produce the mandatory yearly Teejtime hits.


The end result is plain weird, and often bluntly sexual. Here are 7 weird and sexual Teej songs that will have you wondering — why??


“Kati Ramra Pidula!” *licks lips*


Let’s start with the most WTF item for this list, the song Dhade Biralo featuring Jyoti Magar. The song features two male characters thirsting over her bare skin in the cheapest way possible, done for some kind of third-rate humor. Just check the first half of the song below, and you’ll realize.


Just be sure to put on headphones before you do, though. 



About A Pervy Bhina


It is positively baffling that a conservative country like Nepal would regularly produce songs about a guy flirting with his sister-in-law. But it is so! This song has over 5 million views on YouTube and has lines where the bhina comments on how fast the saali has grown, and scenes where he is creeping on her while she is dressed in child-like clothes. Yikes!. 


To make this song even more like a fever dream, you won’t believe who the pervy bhina actually is: 



Jyoti Magar Has Kidney Problems


This song featuring Jyoti Magar as the main character is supposedly a comedy song. In it, Magar laments about wanting to pee really bad while on a long bus trip. Nothing more to it, completely cookie-cutter stuff.



Infidelity Is Funny


Rumors of marital infidelity in a Nepali community would spread like wildfire. So, it is definitely a strange contrast that Teej songs would routinely make light of it in these comedic songs. The strangest thing about these songs is how the infidelity is always an open secret. In the song below, too, the first thing the husband does is give excuses — he apparently gets bored at home and regrets getting married too soon! 



The Pervy Bhinaju Formula Is Perfected


Time for another pervy bhinaju song, let’s go! This time, the pervy bhinaju is none other than our beloved Sita Ram Kattel aka Dhurmus. Once again, this song shows the bhinaju openly creeping over his saali — complete with creepy, close-up shots of her knees and Dhurmus’ glaring looks. This video has 4.8 million views on YouTube.



A Song About Feshion


In this Teej song, the wife advocates strongly for her right to dress as she wants. There is a weird contrast with the husband who is a middle-aged bahun baje. But the strange thing about this song is how the wife is clearly being portrayed as uttauli rather than a progressive modern-day woman. Blunt lines such as  “Ekbaara ko jindagi hinchu feshion garera” are peppered throughout. Give it a listen and tell us if you agree. 



Abako Teej, No Brata Please


The song about feshion is probably not the best lesson in subtlety, but this garbled statement about gender equality could be a masterclass on how NOT to be subtle. “Abako Teej, no brata please” is the chorus line of this song, while “no, no, no, no” is the hook. Apparently, this song raised a lot of furor among Hindu purists in Nepal when it was released. But that is far from the actual problem with this song. Listen to it once, and you will agree that it passes for a song with just the passing marks. 



Well, these are just some weird Teej songs that have us confused to no end. Who are these songs actually written for? Who gave the pervy bhina songs 5 million views? Let us know your thoughts over on Facebook.


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