QUIZ: Guess Who Said These Memeworthy Nepali Dialogues 'Natra Ma Last Risauchu Hai Guys'

Posted at: 2021-04-23  |   Nischal Niraula


Nepal has no dearth of colorful personalities. And whenever these colorful personalities open their mouths, they often leave their listeners with plenty of meme materials. These are the dialogues that have become immortalized in the form of memes and are often invoked to convey our sentiments in day-to-day life.


But, can you name the creators of these iconic dialogues? Well, here’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge in Nepali memology.


1. No Way Jose!

Rabi Dai
Your Local Dairy Shop Owner
KP Oli
Unique Poet

2. Enemy Spotted!

Your Parents
Barsha Raut
Astha Raut
Aanchal Sharma

3. And I Am A Mo:Mo Lover!

Bhuwan KC
Deven Pandey
Your Boka Friend
Rishi Dhamala

4. Damn! That's Profound!

Bijay Shahi
Sher Bahadur Deuba
Asal Adhikary
Sunil Thapa

5. Darr Layooo My Lord!

Paras Shah
Astha Raut
Rajesh Dai

6. Thank You! Thank You!

Rishi Dhamala
Nikhil KC
Bhushan Dahal
Bhagya Neupane

7. Maile Pani

Dilli Ram Khanal
Priyanka Karki
Me In Maths Class
Sandeep KC

8. Kasam Kinchu!

MC Flo
KP Oli
Unique Poet

9. Are You Though?

Nepali Crowd To KP Oli
Sandip Chhetri
Madan Krishna
Deepak Raj Giri

10. Someone's Got Their Priorities Straight

Barsha Raut
Sandip Chhetri
Aanchal Sharma
Rekha Thapa


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