27 Pictures That Prove Nepalis Got Absolutely No Chill

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 5 Mins Apr 29, 2021


“Baal Hoo!”


It’s not just a phrase. For us no chill Nepalis, it’s a whole mood. Having gone through a series of events including political turmoil, natural disasters, and a raging pandemic, it seems like the Nepali population has run out of fu*ks to spare. We're not interested in appearing calm and composed anymore — we're a nation of no chill. 


So, from a man walking an ostrich in a jam-packed road to a fight erupting in a wedding because rasbari wasn’t served, here are 27 instances that prove Nepalis got absolutely no chill.


In No Chill Nepal We Don't Own Up To Our Mistakes. We Blame Dasha 




Excuse Me! What Did You Say I Had? 



There's A Special Placed Reserved In Hell For Them! 



Height Badhauney Ninja Technique. Ding! Ding! Ding! 



Don't Mind Me! Just Taking My Ostrich For A Walk!  



You Can Keep The Tyre!  



 Oink! Oink! 



When NEPSE Ko Nasha Hits Hard 



When Rasbari Is Life



The Weirdest Combo You'll See Today! 



Dr. Oli Got No Chill!



Wait! That's Not Ramro! 




Friendly Fire!  



Kuri! Kuri! Kuri! 



Me In Facebook's Comments Section 



 When Nepalis Go Abroad, They Take The No Chill Attitude Along With Them! 



And He Didn't Even Break A Sweat, As The Story Goes! 



I didn't Choose The Mo:Mo Life, The Mo:Mo Life Chose Me! 



We've Got Badasses Over Here!  



Advertisement Done Right!  






Imagine Being An Employee Here And Having To Tell Your Relatives Where You Work.  



Papa Always Said...Wait! What? 



Oh, Nien! 



We Need Some Firetrucks Directed Towards Her Heart! 



Free Coronavirus With Every Purchase 



And Even Nepal Police Has No Chill At All! 


See? No chill at all! Got any more examples of Nepali exhibiting their no chill attitude? Follow us and let us know in the comments section. And if scrolling through this article made you smile or exhale an extra amount of air through your nostrills, consider following Yeti Yap for more of such content. 


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