12 New Career Paths For Oli If His Political Career Doesn't Work Out

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Being a politician is an uncertain career choice. One moment you’re ruling the nation with immense power and influence. Next thing you know, you’ve lost the motion of confidence and the PM chair is drifting away from your reach. At least, that’s what’s happened to KP Oli. While Oli managed to reclaim the chair, these uncertainties just keep popping up in Nepali politics, and you never know when your career might end. So, it's good to have a backup career to fall back upon. 


So, to rescue KP Oli from such uncertainties, we’ve rounded up a list of professional paths for him to blaze through if he stopped being the PM. 


Football Coach 


We just hope he doesn't end up dissolving his own team. *Ahem ahem*  




Health Consultant 


 The Covid pandemic has turned KP Oli into a health expert and besar brand ambassador. Here's his advice on dealing with the corona. 





 All these flutes, but you decided to play the Nepali people :( 



Pool Player 


Firm posture, strong grip, and eyes on the prize —  he's definitely going to get that black ball in. 



 Dafali Waley 


 All these drums, but you decided to beat Prachanda 🤣



KP Baa as a dafali wale ...🤟🤟🤟. #watch_till_end🤣 #fyp #nepali_ho_ni #kp_oli

♬ original sound - Kc Adarsh


Stand Up Comic


You probably expected this profession when you clicked on the link. And how could we exclude it? The man has a joke for every occasion.  



History Teacher 


Remember when KP Oli gave an Indian interviewer a lesson in Indian history? That's the confidence we all need in our lives. 



#znews #pmkpoli interview #viral #nepalitiktok

♬ original sound - Shakya Roy




He might as well start a one-man band playing dafali, violin, and flute. 



 Professional Roaster 


Once KP Oli starts a roasting YouTube channel, it's over for every other roaster in the platform. 





He already has a strong following. But he'll need to pump these numbers up with some kawaii dance trends. 



Motivational Speaker 


Whenever you're feeling like you haven't accomplished anything, listen to KP Oli's "chance payo bhaney garcha. K garney? Chance nai paudaina," to console yourself.  




chance payo ki nepali le garcha kp baa rocks 😂😀

♬ original sound - A.D.bless🔥🔥




Give Oli two years as a linguist and he'll officially change "Oxford dictionary" to "Oxford shabdakosh".   



 See? KP Oli has absolutely nothing to worry about. What other career could he pull off? Follow us and let us know in the comments section. 


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