Is This What Nepali Boys Call Flirting? Here Are 25 Tweets That Brutally Roast Nepali Flirting Skills

By: Nischal Niraula  | Mar 3, 2021

We Nepali people have a reputation for being sojho and extremely polite. We’re so polite that we can’t even accept food offered to us until we say “nai nai” at least four times. But sometimes, the same politeness can act as a drawback in certain areas, especially when it comes to the subtle art of flirting.   


Recently, Nepali netizens took to Twitter to describe the strange antics that our Nepali boys would consider flirting. Here are some hilarious tweets. 



























Meanwhile, Nepali boys reading this are wondering how any of it isn't flirting. 



Anyhoo, guess we've reached a firm conclusion after going through these tweets. 



But don't worry! Like everything else, flirting is a skill that can always be improved upon. And, here's the place you can start: 12 Suddha Nepali Pick-Up Lines That Will Land You In A Mandap With Your Crush


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