14 Text Messages That Prove Nepalis Are Funniest People To Have A Conversation With

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Jul 9, 2021

You know, us Nepalis are born with many gifts. We are known for making strongest alcohol in the world. We don't just survive but thrive in high altitude environment. And most importantly, we have an amazing sense of humour. Intentionally or not, we have a habit of adding humor to everything we do and say. No where is this knack for humor more apparent than during our text exchanges.


But don't take our word for it. Check out these 14 text messages that prove Nepalis are funniest people to have conversations with.


Typical Nepali Mum Answer! 



When Autocorrect Fails You! 



This Guy Knows What He Wants!



Not The Edit She Was Expecting But Okay!  









Somebody Call The Fire Department! We Have A Case Of Severe Burn!  



Nepal's Unbreakable Vow!  



At Least They Tried!  



Choose A Guy Who Won't Judge You When You Lick The Plate After Finishing Your Chow Mein  



It Was At That Moment He Knew He Fucked Up! 



Well, She Did Follow The Instructions  






Not Gonna Lie! They Had Us In The First Half!  



Well, we hope these texts gave you a good laugh or at least made you exhale an extra amount of air through your nostrils. And if you found yourself smiling scrolling through the page, consider following Yeti Yap for more of such content. 


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