Why Are Nepali Netizens Scared Of Arranged Marriages? Here Are 14 Hilarious Responses

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Aug 27, 2021

“The only surprise party Nepali parents throw you will be your marriage.”


It can be pretty intimidating to think about marrying someone you don’t know that well.  Like, what if they watch anime with a dub. Or worse, what if they’re a grown ass adult who keeps saying, “bro! weed khayera pink Floyd sunna parcha. Sahii huncha.” Well, these are the genuine worries that’s plaguing the Nepali Twitter community.


So, read through these hilarious 14 tweets and find out what the Nepali netizens find so scary about arranged marriages.
















Point proven! Arranged marriages are in fact very scary. Meanwhile, what scares you about arranged marriages? Keep the trend rolling in the comments section of the post. 


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