What If Nepali Celebs Had Honest Dating Profiles? Here's How We Imagined It!

Posted at: 2021-04-30  |   Nischal Niraula | 3 Mins


“What if…” The two magical words that teleport your mind into a world with infinite possibilities. Here, animals can talk, hearts are shaped like heart emojis and the smell of mo:mo makes you float in the air. So, today, we decided to explore this fascinating world by asking ourselves, “What if our Nepali celebs had honest dating profiles?”


The answer was as amusing as the question. Here’s how we imagined dating profiles of these 10 Nepali celebs.













And that's how we imagined the dating profiles of our Nepali celebs. Let us know in the comments section if you'd swipe right on any of them. Meanwhile, if this sort of content is your thing, consider following Yeti Yap for more it. 


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