10 Sibling Stories From Reddit That Will Leave You In Tears

Posted at: 2021-04-28  |   Ashu Sharma


Having a sibling is just the best. Just look at The Jonas Brothers, Karishma and Kareena Kapoor, C-Lu and Asal. They all love their siblings because they know they can count on them for anything. 


That being said, there are moments where your sibling can drive you up the wall, both metaphorically and literally. It is a package deal where you can’t have one without the other. 


Today, we scouted Reddit for the funniest sibling stories and listed the most amusing ones.


Here they are.


Pooping Room


I was chasing my little sister around the house once, we had an open floor plan. She would have been 2 or 3 and I was either 4 or 5. Well she stopped in the living room, pulled down her underwear, squatted down, and pooped right on the floor. I ran screaming and yelling to my mother "Mom!!! E hatched an egg!!!"


My mom still laughs about this and brings it up to this day, we are 22 and 24. :/





How Appawling


My brother is ten years younger than me. When I was 16 we got a dog who quickly grew to be about twice as big as him so he was terrified of her. I liked to tie dog treats to him and watch him run around screaming while she chased him around.






Every Growing Child Needs Protein


In 8th grade, my little brother never paid me the $10 he owed me for doing his book report. I offered to make his lunch for him. I put a dirty sock in his sandwich. He bit into it in front of all of his classmates.





Reading Is Good For Brain Cells


I once trapped my brother in the attic for four hours. I gave him a children's book for entertainment but would intermittently turn the lights off and on.






If It Rhymes, It Must Be True


My sister once tested the rhyme "Pick your nose, pick your bum, now you have some bubble gum". You know, for science.


She later defended that act by saying, "I'm like a mythbuster."






A Bumpy Ride


My sister and I used to slide down our wooden stairs on a baby crib mattress. It was a wild ride. We would do it for hours. My mom made us stop because it was ruining the mattress so we decided to find an alternative. I think we were about 7(me) and 5(her). I decided we could try a sleeping bag and convinced my sister to get into on head first with a pillow inside to "protect her head". She went down head first. It went about as well as you can expect. I bailed.








My younger sister used to kick me in the balls all the time. I got her to stop when I was like 11 by faking a seizure.






Breathe In Breathe Out And Puke


I told my sister that I put perfume on my butt and had her sniff it. At which point I then farted. She cried for the rest of the night.






Ho Ho Oh No


Christmas time years ago. I was probably 2 years into no longer believing in santa but my sister still did.


I found a rock that looked like a lump of coal so I went inside put it in her sock and a toy in my sock hanging above the fireplace. I called her downstairs and said I think santa came early Jess! I pull out my new toy while she finds that she has been given a lump of coal.


I thought it was hilarious until she started to cry. A lot. Then ran up stairs and cried, a lot more.


It was the funniest thing and worst thing all wrapped up in one.


To this day we laugh about it but that was after years of therapy for her.






Happy Honeymooning


I filled my brothers suitcase with condoms when he was going on his honeymoon. Think a big suitcase, filled with 250 condoms and a spoon.


The spoon was so he would be stopped by security and it would be searched. He laughed, his new wife did not. She still despises me to the day.






Do you have a funny sibling story? Let us know in the comments below.


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