6 Best Wedding Movies To Watch If You Really Miss Weddings Right Now

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 2 mins May 2, 2021

After the cumbersome year of 2020, things were finally starting to die down and wedding bells were starting to ring. Unfortunately, since we can’t have nice things apparently, the second wave of Covid hit right when the wedding season was just getting started.


Many people had to cancel their wedding plans and things seem very unstable right now. However, there’s one thing that can surely fill the wedding-shaped hole in our hearts: wedding movies! Here are some of the best wedding movies you can watch.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Despite being a Hollywood movie; the way it portrays instances of an overbearing family obsessed with their daughter’s marital status, dating in secret to avoid the parents finding out, and families of two different backgrounds coming together; can be relatable to many of us Nepali youths.  Not to mention this movie is also genuinely hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


A wedding filled with amazing dance numbers, a wild celebration, and a whole lot of drama; this movie really has a wedding to be envied. The colorful outfits, spectacular location, banger soundtrack, and the beautiful decorations really sell the up-scale Udayapur wedding vibe this movie was going for. The latter half of the movie takes place at a wedding and it uses the setting as a very effective plot device, making it one of the best wedding movies to watch right now.  


Mamma Mia


A beautiful wedding on a lovely Greek island backed up by a soundtrack filled with ABBA songs; what more can you want? This is the ultimate comfort movie, even minus the wedding part. Something about watching the main character preparing for her beautiful indie wedding while frolicking on a sunny beach in Greece of all places hits very different while we’re all cooped up in our houses during a pandemic.


Crazy Rich Asians


The wedding in this movie is so perfect it’s actually ridiculous; and it’s not even between the main characters! This grand Singaporean wedding is something unattainable that we can only admire from afar for how iconic it is, and this movie is worth the watch just for that scene alone (but it’s also a great movie in general).


About Time


Okay, this movie has the cutest wedding scene out of everything on this list. It’s not the usual cliché movie wedding - in fact, the bride doesn’t even wear white – but it is extremely endearing. Things go wrong here; there’s heavy rain and the tent gets flooded which throws a wrench in the wedding. But the bride and groom have so much fun and just enjoy the day for what it is which makes you want to get married immediately after watching this movie.


Bride Wars


The concept of a bridezilla is stretched for ultimate comedic value here. This movie follows two best friends who accidentally schedule their weddings on the same day and are now hell-bent on sabotaging the other. This is a silly and light-hearted movie that you’ll surely enjoy if you like the process of planning a wedding and some not-so-friendly rivalry. It's a real classic, and one of the best wedding movies ever.


Have you seen these movies before? What are other wedding movies you love? Tell us in the comments below!

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