15 Villains That Fans Love Just As Much As The Heroes

By: Bishesh Dhaubhadel  | | 4 Mins Jul 24, 2021

Through the hundreds of movies that we have watched in our lifetime, we’ve fallen in love with tons of characters. Sometimes it’s the up-and-coming hero, and sometimes it’s the misunderstood villain.


In their basic philosophy, a hero makes sacrifices for the greater good, while a villain sacrifices everything else for what they desire. The duality alone makes us love the villains even more.


Over the years, we’ve experienced tons of great villains, and with movies coming out that are solely about the antagonist, now is a better time than any to understand the opposite end of the spectrum.


That said, here are 15 villains that fans loved just as much as the hero.




This one is easy to understand. Magneto only wanted a world where his fellow mutants could live safely, without the fear of being hunted down and despised.



Image Credit: Informone


Even in the movies, Magneto sides with Professor Xavier and the X-Men for a long while before his motives overshadow morality. (Spoiler warning..?)




Anyone who’s watched the recent Loki series, or even Thor: Ragnarok, knows that Loki isn’t the evil menace he leads on to be.



Image Credit: ELLE


Loki’s arc has been one even better than Thor's. Fans can relate with Loki as he struggles with finding solace in a life filled with losses. First his mother, then his father, and in the end, himself.


Some fans love Loki even more than Thor because Loki overcomes a lot of the same challenges without anyone by his side, or rather with everyone against him.


Darth Vader


Long time fans of the Star Wars franchise have come to love Darth Vader, or rather Anakin Skywalker, as his intentions were pure to begin with.



Image Credit: Inside Edition


Knowing that Anakin only turned to the dark side to save his wife Padme, fans can’t help but sympathize with Vader.


He started off with pure intentions, but fell into darkness after bearing a huge loss. With an arc like that, it’d be impossible not to side with him.




There’s not a single interpretation of Joker in cinema that people don’t love from the bottom of their hearts (other than the Jared Leto one, but we don’t talk about that).



Image Credit: GQ


 The Joker is interpreted to be someone who isn’t motivated by the want for power or money, but instead by his own sense of justice. With each Joker having his own traumatic and melancholic origin, fans can’t help but root for him.




If you think about it, Thanos really just wanted to solve world hunger on a galactic scale.



Image Credit: Forbes


The purple titan, with the abysmal chin, just wanted to solve world hunger and resource scarcity after his planet fell victim to it. His pure intentions and rational motivation are what make fans love Thanos as a villain.


Professor Severus Snape


Regardless of Snape’s actions for most of the movies, in the end Snape gives up his own life while upholding his promise to protect and defend Harry. He also, unknowingly, plays a big role in defeating Voldemort.



Image Credit: Indian Express


With Snape also sharing a similar childhood to Harry Potter, there’s no way fans wouldn’t be head over heels for him.


Jack Torrance


Where Jack Torrance gain’s the fans’ favour is his deep desire, and great potential, to be a good person – a good father, a good husband, and a good writer. His failure to achieve the aforementioned and his subsequent fall into madness further makes fans sympathize with him.



Image Credit: IndieWire


Hannibal Lecter


Hannibal Lecter is one of those villains who is so well known and loved, that we can barely remember the protagonist.



Image Credit: Looper


As the psychotic cannibal douses the viewers with his charisma, fans can’t help but favor him. Especially with both Anthony Hopkins and Mads Mikkelsen giving us such wonderful performances.


Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz


You don’t even have to be a fan of Phineas and Ferb to know that Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is meant to be loved.



Image Credit: Phineas and Ferb Fandom


Think about it, he’s a good father, wants to be friends with Perry The Platypus, and even worked as Agent Doof at the same organization as Perry at some point.




As children we might’ve thought that Tom was the big bad causing havoc to the small and wonderful Jerry’s life, but it’s quite the opposite.



Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


With the tools of hindsight and a matured perspective, fans can’t miss the fact that Tom was just doing what he was supposed to, and Jerry was the one causing unnecessary trouble for the house cat.




You’d be lying if you say that you don’t relate with Squidward on a spiritual level. He’s just trying to live a nice and peaceful life while working a small job.


Fans can’t help but root for the 2D embodiment of their daily self.



Image Credit: Pintrest


The Grinch


Born with a heart two sizes too small, the Grinch came to hate Christmas and the people of Whoville for being happy all the time, when he wasn’t able to.


And there’s no way you can’t sympathize with a character who desperately tries to feel the same as everyone else, through wrong means if needed.



Image Credit: IndieWire


Little Finger


We don’t need to tell you why fans love Little Finger from Game of Thrones. He’s the mastermind who instigated so many conflicts in the series, all of which led to a wonderful viewing experience.


And fans love him for it!



Image Credit: PureWow


Tyler Durden


While we’d like to respect rule one of Fight Club, we just have to break it to talk about how much fans love Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden.



Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly


While he ends up being a split personality, the personality was indeed filled with enough charisma  and uniqueness as a character to organize hundreds to follow him, including us. (also, spoiler warning..)


Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor, in the comics, is a supremely intelligent, extremely influential and affluent kingpin who just hates Superman with all his guts. He’s basically villain-batman.



Image Credit: Looper


He even shares similar goals with Batman; to protect the earth from extra-terrestrial forces, among others.. While his methods might be on the immoral side, fans can’t help but root for a well written character.


What did you think about these villains that fans love just as much as the heroes? Tell us in the comments!

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