11 Video Games Made By Nepalis That You Have To Play

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 23, 2021

We Nepalis are a very peculiar people indeed. We have our own sense of humor, and our resourcefulness knows no bounds. It is quite amazing to see all the things that we can build despite living in a landlocked country with few availabilities.


The small world of Nepali video game development is a perfect example of that. Game developers of Nepal have come out with some amazing products despite the lack of encouragement they see in general from the Nepali community.


So, let’s give them the accolades they deserve and take a look at 11 amazing video games made by Nepalis that you simply have to play. 


Momo Bounce


Momo Bounce is a simple platformer game that is entirely based on a points system, just like Flappy Bird. Developed by Sashreek Shrestha, you play as the beloved Nepali food item — a chubby little momo. The design is as minimal as it is graceful, making for a relaxed time pass session.


You can find the android version here.



Driving School


Driving School is a driving simulator built by the prolific Nepali video game studio, Yarsa Games. While the graphics isn’t much better than most simulator games, it builds a reasonable degree of engagement with vehicle styles, test types, and manual gear shifting. 



Red Tail Fox Jump


Red Tail Fox Jump is yet another platformer built for mobile devices. The great thing about this game is its intuitive mechanics. The 8-bit graphics design is right on the money and your character even has a dynamic design with a trailing tail. Definitely a must play!



Chronicles Of The Himalayas


Chronicles of the Himalayas was one of the most ambitious video games ever envisioned by a Nepali video game studio. Built by Sroth Code games, it envisioned a massive open-world design with characters based on Nepali mythos. Sadly, the studio had to close up before they could see the game to completion. 


You can still play their PC demo, though, available here



Urban Legends - Survival


If immersive gameplay is absolutely essential for you, then you HAVE to try out Urban Legends - Survival, built by Ashim Shakya. It is an open-world horror game set in Medieval Nepal. As for the graphics, you have to check it out to believe it!





Harke is an amazing sideways platformer that is executed perfectly on all levels. You play as a dhaka topi-clad guy chasing momos while avoiding various obstacles on your way. Smooth cartoon graphics, soothing midi music, and well-executed game mechanics make this a perfect game all around. 





Bramo is a third-person video game based on Hindu mythology. This game has an elaborate and engaging storyline and its developers, Reizon Studios, aim to produce multiple volumes for this game with mythological settings such as Mount Meru, Kailash, and Vaikuntha. 



Lakhe Run


Lakhe Rush is an endless runner designed after the likes of Temple Run. But this game has a very different perspective, as it is completely based around Newar culture. In this game, you play as two characters from Newar mythology — the Lakhe, a demon character with its own dances and festivals, and Pulukishi, which is the Newari version of Indra’s white elephant, Airavata. 



Haku Rush


You have probably heard about this game before, because it actually features the popular character from Nepali cinema — Haku Kale of Loot 2. Every Nepali gamer should try this game out, even if it's just to see the video game version of Haku Kale run around on their screen. 


You can download the game from here



Ludo Neo-Classic


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a virtual ludo game built by Nepali developers. Ludo Neo-Classic is a perfect choice if you want to engage in the classic board game because of its sleek design and well-rounded customization settings. Any gamer knows how important the little things are, and this game has it all sorted so you can focus on the fun.



War: The Conquer


War: The Conquer could probably do with a few improvements. But this game definitely gives you a sense of satisfaction and belonging in seeing a Nepali-made video game. The reason being that it sets itself against the backdrop of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s unification campaign. 



Well, these are some video games that have been developed by Nepal’s own homebrew talent. By the looks of things, our video game developers definitely have the potential to do great things in the future. Which is your favorite game among these? Follow us on Facebook and let us know in the comments. 


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