10 Instances In Animated Media Where The Censorship Was Actually Ridiculous

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 4 mins Jul 15, 2021

Censorship is something we’re all used to, to some extent. The internet has made virtually anything available so censorship doesn’t carry the same weight it used to, but it is still strange to see what kind of things are censored lately. And nothing falls victim to unnecessary censorship like animated media.


So here we’re taking a look at times where censorship was taken too far for no real reasons.



There’s nothing really wrong with replacing beer with water, but couldn’t have used a different glass? Or at least removed the foam? (DBZ)



If you’re wondering what is that weird weapon and why is it being held like that, it was actually a gun. (One Piece)



When Clarabelle Cow’s scandalous udders were covered up back in the 30s. (Mickey Mouse)



When Malaysia was horrified that these giant titans murder people and destroy cities while being unclothed (Attack On Titan)



Ah yes, censorship that ruins the stakes and character development. Fantastic. (Naruto)



Not showing guns isn’t wrong, but replacing them with finger guns ruins the moment entirely and switches genre from action to comedy. (Yu-Gi-Oh)



When Sandy was made sanskaari (Spongebob Squarepants)



This one raises more questions than it answers (My Little Pony)



Well at least water guns are better than finger guns, right? (One Piece)



Finally, a very important choice was made here. (Yu-Gi-Oh)


Image credit: cbr.com


This is just the tip of the iceberg too. Cartoons and anime get censored in the most ridiculous ways to get released abroad. It would be nice if they could be released as they were so that cultural nuances could be shared, but censor boards tend to think children are absolutely incapable of understanding cultural differences, it seems. Comment your favorite ridiculous censorship moment and like us on Facebook if you enjoyed.


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