Redditors Reveal Sleep Talking Stories So Bizarre, It Will Make You Sleep With Your Ears Open

Posted at: 2021-04-22  |   Ashu Sharma

Unless you sleep with one eye open, sleeping is the most vulnerable state you can be in. It’s just you and your dreams. 


But what if, during these vulnerable moments, you’re actually speaking gibberish without knowing about it? You would have no way of knowing about it. While you’re prancing around in your dreams, the person sleeping near you would be extremely confused at best, or scared out of their wits at worst.


Several sacred and confused Redditors have shared their sleep talking stories, be it from themselves, or others. Here are the most bizarre ones.




1) Poop-tastic




2) What The Duck Is Going On Here?




3) Eat Your Green Vegetables Children




4) If You Say You DON’T Need A Babysitter, Then You Probably DO Need A Babysitter




5) Someone Call M. Night Shyamalan



6) Midnight Melody



7) A For Apple, B For Ball…...R For?



8) Toe-riffic



9) How Thoughtful



10) Interesting Order



Do you have a weird sleep talking incident? Let us know in the comments below.


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