Remember When Raghu Was Rejected From Indian Idol? Is This His Villain Origin Story?

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 5 mins Thu, May 6, 2021 5:40 PM


Raghu Ram is a familiar name for fans of MTV reality shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla. For those who aren’t, he was a popular judge known for having a short temper with contestants and straight-up berating them for the most trivial things.


But was he always like this? Surely, there must be an origin story to this reality show villain, right? Well, we might just have solved the mystery for you. 


An old audition clip from the singing reality show, Indian Idol, shows Raghu Ram getting brutally rejected by the judges. And we can't stop wondering if this is what turned him into a big bad bully on Roadies



Wow! There’s a lot to unpack here. The video starts with Raghu entering the audition room and immediately starts doing leg stretches, blatantly ignoring Anu Malik’s ‘hi’. Now, what do leg stretches have to do with vocal skills? Yeah, we don’t know either.


He starts to explain that this is something he needs to do before singing, but is interrupted by the forever ray of sunshine, Farah Khan. She lets him know he has two minutes to sing and if he wastes one minute doing yoga, he'll only get one minute to sing.


He starts launching into another explanation, but she promptly tells him he’s already wasted thirty seconds. At this point, Raghu seems to panic a little and immediately, without missing a beat, starts to sing.


Now people have different postures when they sing, but most people usually try to stand comfortably to maximize oxygen intake. Not our guy Raghu though, who sings with his arms crossed. 



As soon as he stops singing, Sonu Nigam chimes in with a "bohot kharab kiya hai ye". Things start going downhill pretty quickly after this. When asked if this is his best song, he replies with a ‘no’ and explains that he chose it because the judges might like it.


Almost comically, all three judges shake their heads and reply with a chorus of No’s. In fact, Farah Khan and Anu Malik savagely point out that the earlier leg stretches were the best part of his performance. Oof, that one had to hurt.


He then starts talking about a problem that he supposedly has and when Farah Khan asks if it’s a singing problem, he sharply tells her it’s a problem in his body and to not make fun of it. Farah makes an interesting expression here. 

 Now despite it being obvious that the stretches are somewhat of a sore subject for him, Anu Malik pushes him further and quips that his leg stretches did not reach his vocal cords. At this point, we can tell that our guy Raghu is about to snap.



He tries to ask if the judges did not like his singing. However, Anu Malik does not even let him finish properly before kindly informing him that he has no talent and is not coming to Mumbai.


Raghu fires back saying he could have said the same thing with a bit more politeness, and Anu Malik looks hilariously shocked. He tries to muster up a weak "oh really?" moment, but Raghu has no time for that anymore and informs him that he was rude.



The judges then all pile on him with remarks like "but you were rude too", "we gave you stretching time which we don’t normally do", "you have an attitude problem" and "you can’t sing".


But Raghu seems done at this point and replies with a stiff "thank you". Sonu Nigam tries to deescalate the situation by immediately replying with a "thanks" to shoo him away; but Raghu does not leave without an iconic finger gun.





Needless to say, the entire ordeal was bizarre. Some sources have reported that riling up the judges was actually Raghu’s intention all along, but it’s hard to believe that this was acting. But then again, looking at how Raghu behaves with contestants now that he’s actually a judge himself, it’s hard to sympathize with him too.


Tell us what you think about this whole ordeal! Do you think the judges should have been more polite to him? Do you think Raghu had an attitude problem? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Facebook for more.


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