The Nepali Movie 'Pari' Is So Bad, That It's Good. Here Are 12 Reasons To Watch It

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 3 mins Jun 10, 2021

Cinema has this weird phenomenon where a movie is so bad, that it goes right around to being good. In Hollywood, this phenomenon is perfected in The Room, a bizarre cult classic that entertains you in all its cringey-ness. 


Nepali cinema has its fair share of "so bad it’s good" movies. Netizens are surely familiar with this epic scene:



The scene is from a movie that is fittingly called Pari — and this scene is far from its only bizarre moment. So, here are 12 reasons you should watch Pari right now. 


A Full Minute And 15 Seconds Of Bike Riding Montage


Pari tells the story of a teen couple, Pari and Bijay. One of the early scenes in the movie introduces Pari’s elder brother, a gangster who roams around on bikes and likes to beat Bijay up.


This scene features a full minute and 15 seconds of bike riding to establish Dada’s badassery. As the movie progresses, you realize that it really enjoys long bike-riding montages. 



Doing The Most Common Things Dramatically


Dada’s gang is so badass that they are averse to doing anything in a regular way. Heavy music accompanies them in the most everyday actions — like getting up from a chair.



The 50 Shades Of Dada’s Emotions


Dada beats Edward Cullen at the Edward Cullen style of acting. You can swap around Dada’s reaction shots from one place to another and not know the difference. It takes a special skill to accomplish that.


Here's a shot of astonished Dada:



Angry and/or constipated Dada:



Suddenly worried because his sister is not home yet Dada:



Suddenly Fight Scenes

The movie is so eager to introduce fight scenes, that it completely avoids the crucial moments that lead up to it. Besides that, characters in Pari can get into fights at random moments, such as during shopping, and while walking down a sand quarry.



The Mysterious Plaque


Dada’s gang is so badass that they leave a calling card at every crime scene they leave behind. However, you will be hard-pressed to understand what they are doing the first time around.


We blame the strange calling card/plaque that looks somewhat like a license plate.



Pari Khai?! AKA The Chakravyu Of Kicks


The first rule of Pari is, simultaneous attacks are more powerful than consecutive attacks. Check out this scene to see this rule in action, alongside at least 50 rupees worth of overacting.



Secret Footage Is Cinematic


A secretly filmed video of a murder ends up as a key plot point in this film. However, this secret footage has been filmed with amazing cinematic effects. And we genuinely appreciate the effort. 


Here, too, we observe the ‘simultaneous attacks are more powerful’ law in effect.




The Head Swivel As A Key Storytelling Device


Head swivels play a big role in Pari. Shocking statements are established, escalated, and driven home by at least 4 or 5 head swivels that follow them. 




A Masterclass In Awkward Blocking


Blocking is a key cinematic technique that deals with how characters are positioned around a frame. Skilled filmmakers actually use blocking as a way of adding meaning to the scene. In Pari, we can observe blocking being used to further establish the badassery of Dada’s gang.




Dada Is Suddenly The Most Heinous Criminal In The City


If you were wondering what the above scene was all about, it’s actually Dada’s gang mercilessly burning a woman to death while laughing about it. Within one scene, Dada turns from likeable gangster to sociopathic killer.


It also makes you wonder — why the hell was Bijay dating the little sister of a sociopathic gangster in the first place? Read on to find out.



Suddenly Forest


It seems every low-budget Nepali movie has to end up at a stone quarry or the forest at one time or another. Around the final parts of the film, the characters suddenly enter a forest and decide to camp there rather than return home. Don’t ask us why, because we don’t know!



Everybody’s A Sociopath


We eventually get an answer to how Bijay can date the little sister of a gruesome murderer and be so chill about it. At one point, he also kills a character in cold blood, completely letting go of his entire character build-up until that point. 



So, these are some reasons that you should watch Pari right now. You will have many questions, as did we. But, you are sure to enjoy the process thoroughly. 


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