The NEPSE Index Had A Massive Freefall Followed By A Miraculous Recovery. Nepalis Are Coping With Memes

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Sep 6, 2021

Nepalis have become greatly enamoured with the Nepali share market over the last two years as it saw a new bull phase. Share prices have been skyrocketing throughout this time, with some experts promising an unprecedented NEPSE index of 3500. 


All of this came crashing down within a few days last week, as the NEPSE index dropped rapidly. Yesterday, it all came to a head when the market closed with a drop of 108 points in the NEPSE index.


Nepalis had a very typical reaction to this, as some investors blamed the Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank for it and even staged a protest demanding his resignation.



Meanwhile, others went the Nepali route of making memes about it and laughing in despair. 


The Initial Despair



Someone Discovered Why They Call It Topi πŸ˜‚



Investors As Hritik Roshan Roles



If Shaka Laka Boom Boom Was A Highlighter



This Strangely Pertinent Big Fish Allegory




The Eternally Hopeful



Meanwhile In Nepal



Thankfully, crisis seems to have been averted with a seeming hand of god. Today, the NEPSE index saw its very first 3-digit gain in history, with an increase of a massive 161.94 points.  



Hopefully, you weren’t one of the panic sellers in yesterday’s landslide. Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section of the post. 


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