10 Top Nepali Motovloggers To Get Your Daily Dose Of Two-wheeler Content

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Aug 27, 2021

The fast-growing automobile sector in Nepal has been aided and abetted by many talented motovloggers who create highly enjoyable content on their two wheels. Those interested in motorcycling as a hobby find a great many things in the home-brewn motovlogging community — inspiration, ideas for weekend rides, reviews and information on the latest models, and pure fun. 


So, let’s take a look at 10 of the top Nepali motovloggers to get your daily dose of two-wheeler content. 




SMZ is the one name on this list that needs little instruction. SMZ, or Sushan Maharjan is one of the earliest motovloggers from Nepal to gain widespread popularity. He’s been putting out videos for more than 4 years at this point, and viewers easily enjoy his upbeat, happy-go-lucky energy. 



MRB Vlogs


Bibid Jung Thapa became known to Nepali petrolheads all the way back in 2018 when he won the Most Popular Rider award in Pulsar Dare Venture. He started motovlogging seriously two years ago and quickly gained a following as one of the most popular new content creators in this space. 



Ride With Sagar


Sagar Thapa has gained a very different kind of following as a Nepali motovlogger. While he makes regular content on motorcycle trips, he mainly seeks to educate his viewers on the interesting new two-wheeler models in the market. He is quite skilled at explaining complex concepts in a simple manner.


So, if you’re looking for a run-down on any new motorcycles in the market, definitely turn to one of his videos. 



Bikram Thapa


While Bikram Thapa isn’t exactly a ‘motovlogger’ per se, he does run a YouTube channel where he uploads a variety of content related to motorcycling. Bikram Thapa or BT96 is a professional motorbike racer in the tracks of Japan, so he definitely deserves a mention for videos that are a cut above the rest. 



Savya Rides


Savya KC dubs herself as the first female motovlogger of Nepal, having started her channel all the way back in 2018. She has gathered many miles under her belt, and regularly uploads videos of long rides within Nepal. Savya enjoys a massive viewership, and the video below has crossed over a million views. 



Rajkumar Thapa Magar


Rajkumar Thapa Magar has quickly garnered a massive following since he started vlogging a year ago. He brings a charming demeanor to the camera and a few exciting videos on downhill cycling really help keep his viewers engaged! 



Surakshya KC 


Surakshya KC doesn’t upload vlogs at the drop of a hat, and for good reason. She is clearly a passionate motorcyclist and her videos mostly feature rides to exotic destinations or long rides. 



Twinsrider Vlogs


Ram Bikram Thapa or Twinsrider Vlogs is one-half of the motorcycling Thapa twins. He was the winner of Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 and you can clearly see his skills and passion in his various extreme riding videos. 



Bikerz Beast


An absolute newcomer in the Nepali motovlogging community, this vlogger has been creating something new and entirely different. Bikerz Beast uploads short clips of rides on different motorcycles using high-fidelity equipment that captures the sound of the model like no one else. He definitely needs more attention and encouragement to continue producing videos like this one!



Switchback Nepal


Switchback Nepal straddles the line between motovlogging and travel vlogs. Their uploads combine highly cinematic shots with clips of extreme enduro riding in the most remote parts of Nepal. The video below was actually shot in Kagbeni. 



These are some of the most popular motovloggers creating amazing content on two-wheelers in Nepal these days. Did we miss out on your favorite creators? Follow us and let us know in the comments.


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