13 Individuals From The LGBT Community Who Have Left A Prominent Mark On Society

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Society has been able to come as far as it is today with contributions from people all around the globe. People of different races, genders, and sexualities have paved the way for us. But it seems like individuals who belong to the LGBT community do not get much recognition. Or even if they do, their sexualities are conveniently never spoken about, even when it might be relevant.


So here we’ve compiled a list of individuals who belonged to the LGBT community and have made great contributions to our society.


Note: This is in no way an exhaustive list. There are many more individuals from the LGBT community who have made a mark on society, and some are even in the process of doing it right now!


Alan Turing


Alan Turing was a mathematician who single-handedly saved an estimated 14 million lives and shortened WWII by two years. He broke the code for the Nazi Enigma machine which was supposed to be unbreakable, being the biggest reason why the allies were able to defeat Hitler. His contributions went on to make a huge impact on how theoretical computer science would be developed decades later. You can watch the 2014 movie The Imitation Game to learn more about his life.



Leonardo Da Vinci


Da Vinci is a name we’re mostly familiar with; he painted the famous Mona Lisa after all. But did you know Da Vinci was actually gay? He may be well known for the Mona Lisa, but he was a genius when it came to art, science, and engineering all around. He sketched detailed models of helicopters and flying machines hundreds of years before the Wright Brothers were even born.



Virginia Woolf


Virginia Woolf was a British writer, and someone every literature nerd is familiar with. Apart from her well-known novels, she also wrote essays on complex subjects such as; politics of power, artistic theory, literary history, and more. She was also bisexual and had a long relationship with a woman as proven by her letters.



Oscar Wilde


Oscar Wilde is yet another familiar name for literature nerds. He was an esteemed playwright and poet, also famous for his novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray'. He was also a gay man. His sexuality caused him to live a hard life, even being imprisoned and exiled.



Sally Ride


The first American woman to go to space and a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree; Ride was a pioneering woman in STEM. She was also bisexual, having been with her girlfriend for 27 years. Although her sexuality was not revealed until she died in 2012.



Ellen DeGeneres


Despite the reputation Ellen has right now with her toxic workplace scandal, she was a huge catalyst in pop culture’s acceptance of homosexuality. Ellen made the decision to come out as a lesbian while she had a nicely running sitcom; and this was a huge deal in 1997. Her sitcom was axed after that, but Ellen started her daytime talk show and was able to become successful while being herself.



Freddie Mercury


The frontman of the rock band Queen was a queer icon, no doubt about that. Mercury was an openly bisexual man and was never afraid to flaunt it through his art and performances.



Laverne Cox


Laverne Cox is one of the first transgender actors to make it big in Hollywood. Cox got her big break starring as Sophia Burset in the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. She has since been vocal about the glaring lack of transgender actors in Hollywood and is now a prominent LGBTQ+ activist.  



Elton John


Elton John is a British singer, pianist, composer, and a gay man. John came out as bisexual way back in 1976, when there was a lot of stigma attached to the community. He eventually came out as gay sixteen years later. He is now a prominent gay icon.



Prabal Gurung


Prabal Gurung is a Nepali designer who has designed clothes for the likes of Michelle Obama and Gigi Hadid. He is not only Nepal’s most famous person ever, but he has almost inspired many queer Nepalis to be comfortable with their sexuality.



Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein, the founder of his brand by the same name has made a significant impact in the fashion industry with his sleek and modern style of clothing. They have expanded at a rapid rate and Klein (the person) is now worth $750 million.



Alexander McQueen


Like Klein above, McQueen was also a successful designer. However, McQueen was provocative and bold with his designs. A lot of major trends of the past decade such as low rise pants, skull prints, and bold colors; can be traced back to McQueen and his brand.



Peter Thiel


The co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook is also a gay man. Thiel has been involved in some of the most innovative companies of the past few decades; such as SpaceX, AirBnB, and more.



Do you know any more individuals from the LGBT community who belong on this list? Let us know in the comments.


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