10 Cool Skills You Can Easily Learn From YouTube

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 5 mins Fri, Jun 11, 2021 2:01 PM

If you’re sitting at home, refreshing your YouTube subscription box several times because there’s nothing new to watch, here’s a valuable tip: Learn a skill. Not only is this a productive use of your time, but you’ll also genuinely have fun if you chose to learn something you’re interested in. Not to mention how you can even earn some bragging points.


So here are 10 cool skills you can easily learn from YouTube, from the comfort of your own bed!


Solving A Rubik’s Cube


If you’ve ever watched a video of someone solving a Rubik’s Cube and thought ‘woww I wish I was smart enough to do that’ then here’s some good news for you: Solving a Rubik’s Cube has nothing to do with intellect and everything to do with a set of algorithms. Once you memorize this set of steps, you can solve any Rubik’s cube with ease. And there are tons of YouTube videos that teach you how to do that!



Calligraphy And Hand Lettering


Learning calligraphy is not that difficult if you have a video to guide you. If you want to take your writing skills to the next level or just want to hand letter your own greeting cards, this could be a fun hobby to invest your time into. It takes time to perfect, but you can find your own lettering style in the process and stick with that too.





Juggling is one of those things that looks super hard but is actually super eas-- Yeah no, it’s hard.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it! All it takes is some practice with hand-eye coordination, and you’ll soon be able to juggle two objects with ease. The tricky part is juggling more than two objects, but you’ll learn that too with enough practice.



Tying A Neck Tie


This one is more relevant for our male readers. If you struggle to tie a perfect knot in your necktie, there are many YouTube videos that teach you how to do so step by step, and mirrored for your convenience. Once you’ve mastered the basic knot and wanna learn more, there are also videos that teach how to tie many other stylish knots for various occasions. Here's a simple, mirrored video for a basic knot:



Learning A New Language


Learning a new language takes a lot of time, patience, and dedication. But that’s not to say you can’t learn a few basic words or even letters from a language of your choice. There are several videos on YouTube that are extremely beginner-friendly when it comes to learning a new language. For example, here’s a video that teaches you how to read Hiragana (one out of 3 Japanese alphabets) in just an hour!



Breaking An Apple With Your Bare Hands


Here’s something you probably didn’t know; it’s possible to cleanly break an apple in half with just your bare hands! It’s not a particularly useful skill since everyone owns knives, but it’s a fun trick to show off. Especially, if you have children or little siblings.



Packing A Suitcase


If you always struggle to fit everything you want in a suitcase, there are several videos on YouTube that teach you how to efficiently do so. You’ll also learn some cool folding tips that will not only help maximize your suitcase space but also your closet space.



Making Paper Airplanes


If the inner child in you is bored, look up ways to make paper airplanes. You’ll learn to make some seriously cool-looking paper planes that can actually fly really far! Again if you’re a parent or an elder sibling, you really should look this one up.



Sewing A Button


This might sound boring to you right now, but you’ll thank us for this suggestion in a few years. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to go out and having a button pop off just while you’re about to leave. Learning this neat little trick will save you so much time and frustration in the future.



Speed Reading


If you’re a slow reader who wants to work on your reading speed, there are several videos on YouTube that can help you with that. Here’s one that’s particularly helpful:



Do let us know your experience if you actually try one of these. Make sure to follow us at Yeti Yap if you enjoyed this list.


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