This Meme Trend Rethinks The Lead Actors Of Popular Movies And It’s ALL Truths

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Sep 1, 2021

Without a doubt, it is redundant to say that movies are played out by actors. There is no context where you could say that which would add value to the conversation. Actors are, after all, the paint with which filmmakers create their glorious art called cinema.


But it is often the case that non-living artifacts, props, or symbols often go on to carry really important meanings in a movie — sometimes more so than the actual actors. 


A new meme trend will have you asking “Where’s the lie?” after seeing what people are the REAL lead actors of popular movies. Check them out below.


No Lie, The Whole Movie Revolves Around The Mustache



I’m Offended, But I Can’t Complain



This Lead Actor Did More Than Any Real Actors In The Whole Movie



Who Remembers This Epic Scene From An Old Classic?



A Good Lead Actor Encapsulates The Feel Of The Entire Movie



And When It Comes To Family



A Lead Actor That We All Knew Well



Bees Din Mein Lead Actor Double



He Once Killed Three Men In A Bar With A John Wick



If You Know, You Know!



Let’s Face It, This Movie Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Him



And Finally, We Have Something That Had No Right To Be So True



Well, what do you think of these weirdly true memes? Let us know your favorite one over on Facebook.

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